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I am happy to help you and your group reserve private tours for some of the most popular attractions in our nation's capital. Below you will find a list of available tours. While I can request a tour on your behalf, I cannot guarantee any tours at this time. Due to high volume and limited availability, I recommend that you submit your request as soon as possible.

For more information on sightseeing and attractions, please visit my Visiting Washington, DC page. If you have questions as you are filling out this form, please call (202) 225-2939.

A note regarding The White House: Please be advised, White House tours are not offered on Sundays or Mondays. Additionally, your requested tour date must be at least three weeks away. Finally, we cannot make tour requests more than three months in advance. 

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If you would like to request a White House tour,  please read the following information:

*White House tour requests require additional personal information. Our office and the White House will email you a secure link to the email listed above where you will have 7 days to fill out your group’s personal security information. The White House requires requests be submitted up to three months but no later than three weeks in advance. Please note, the White House is open for public tours Tuesday-Saturday.

Optional: Check this box if you would like our office to RSVP on your behalf. Please note, this will require mandatory identification information on behalf of the White House.

Visitors who are not fully vaccinated or decline to indicate if they are fully vaccinated will be required to (i) complete a COVID-19 test upon arrival, (ii) wear a mask at all times, and (iii) maintain social distancing. Visitors who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask, socially distance, or test.

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