Each fiscal year, the Appropriations Committee accepts general appropriations requests from Members of Congress to meet the needs of American communities across the country. As the Representative for Georgia's Thirteenth Congressional District, Congressman David Scott is pleased to coordinate constituent requests for FY 2025.

Please find information about FY 2025 Community Project Funding requests HERE


  1. Programmatic request: A request to fund a specific program in the appropriations bill at a specified level.
    • Example: Provide $200 million for the USDA Food and Farm Worker Relief Grant Program (FFWR).
  1. Language request: A request to include specific bill or report language that does not direct funding to a particular entity but encourages, urges, or directs some type of action by an agency.
    • Example: The Committee urges NIH to prioritize PCOS research funding for New and Early-Stage Investigator Awards and build new mechanisms to encourage experienced biomedical and public health researchers to study PCOS and collaborate with patients to identify more effective treatments and a possible cure for PCOS.

To submit a programmatic or language request, please complete this FORM. If you are submitting both a programmatic and language request, please fill out two separate forms.

DEADLINE for Submissions: COB Wednesday, April 29, 2024.

Please reach out to for more information.


All Members of Congress are required to post all Community Project Funding requests submitted to the committee on their website. The posting must include the name of the proposed recipient, the address, the amount of the request, and an explanation of the purpose and justification for the use of taxpayer funds. Per the new requirements, Rep. Scott has certified that neither he nor his immediate family have a financial interest in any of the submissions.

FY2023 Community Project Funding Requests:

Project Name: Clayton County Legal Aid Office
Requesting Organization/Entity: Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Amount Requested: $260,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used to open a full-service legal aid office in Clayton County, Georgia. An office in Clayton County is essential to provide the free legal services needed to help the large population of low-income residents in this community address the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the ongoing effects of income disparity, homelessness, and housing instability.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Chattahoochee Riverlands – Bike/Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study
Requesting Organization/Entity: City of Smyrna
Amount Requested: $900,000
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to develop a feasibility study for a bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Chattahoochee River, near the confluence of Proctor Creek, connecting Smyrna and Cobb County’s 2.7-mile ‘RiverLands Showcase’ greenway to Atlanta’s 6 mile Proctor Creek Greenway and new Chattahoochee Brick Park.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Vivarium for Environmental Studies at Clayton State University
Requesting Organization/Entity: Clayton State University
Amount Requested: $750,000
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used for building a vivarium to support their undergraduate research program and community outreach efforts.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Austell-South Cobb Transfer Center
Requesting Organization/Entity: Cobb County Department of Transportation
Amount Requested: $2,000,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used for a planned multi-modal transit facility for CobbLinc riders to transfer between routes or transportation modes, and to access the surrounding jobs, medical and community services, and surrounding development.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: College Park South East Sewer Wastewater Pump Station Project
Requesting Organization/Entity: City of College Park
Amount Requested: $5,692,500
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used for engineering, survey, testing, and construction of the College Park South East Sewer Wastewater Pump Station, replacing the current 43-year-old system that pumps 80 percent of the city’s wastewater.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge North
Requesting Organization/Entity: Cumberland Community Improvement District
Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used to build the Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge North, a new pedestrian bridge constructed over Cobb Parkway, needed to help address safety, equity, access, and connectivity issues in the Cumberland and City of Smyrna region.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Friendship Pump Station
Requesting Organization/Entity: Fulton County Government
Amount Requested: $2,500,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used to construct a pump station for Friendship Village, a 2,000-acre development that consists of a combination of mixed-use, single-family, multifamily, commercial, and civic developments including an amphitheater, school, and a fire station.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Connect and Serve: Growing Underrepresented Companies in Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation
Requesting Organization/Entity: Georgia Tech. Research Corporation
Amount Requested: $495,547
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to provide underrepresented businesses in Georgia’s 13th Congressional District with procurement opportunities to expand by connecting them with major corporations and governmental entities as well as connecting them to technical assistance programs and services to help them improve their operations and workforce.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Henry County Schools Afterschool Enrichment STEM Expansion
Requesting Organization/Entity: Henry County Board of Education
Amount Requested: $40,000
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to increase the frequency of STEM activities from once per month to twice per month and for the purchase of resources with higher STEM complexity.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: City of Lovejoy Police Tasers
Requesting Organization/Entity: City of Lovejoy Police Department
Amount Requested: $33,578.99
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to procure 20 protective tasers, holders, and replacement cartridges, which provide a nonlethal alternative to firearms and are used to deescalate chaotic situations and ensure the relative safety of all individuals involved.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Clayton Justice Center Transit Hub
Requesting Organization/Entity: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used for MARTA’s Clayton Justice Center Transit Hub, which will serve Routes, 191, 192, 193 and 800 by providing customers covered waiting areas, fare vending, real-time arrival/information, and public restrooms.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: MARTA Safe Routes to Transportation
Requesting Organization/Entity: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Explanation of Request: MARTA will create Safe Routes to Transit in Georgia’s 13th District by providing safe access to bus stops by constructing a variety of pedestrian and ADA improvements, with a focus on equity and historically disadvantaged communities.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: South Douglas Loop – Phase I – Lee Road Extension
Requesting Organization/Entity: Douglas County Board of Commissioners
Amount Requested: $20,000,000
Explanation of Request: The funding will be used to provide east-west connectivity to the southern portion of the county by extending the Lee Road arterial corridor that has direct access to I-20 at the Lee Road interchange.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Enhancing Georgia's Poultry Science Impact through Innovation and Collaboration
Requesting Organization/Entity: University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Amount Requested: $7,797,940
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to train the next generation of poultry scientists to dramatically increase capacity for instruction and research to support Georgia’s multibillion-dollar poultry industry.
Financial Disclosure Letter

Project Name: Douglas County Community Business Incubator
Requesting Organization/Entity: Douglas County Board of Commissioners
Amount Requested: $500,000
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used to create a business incubator for the Douglas County community, which will provide local small businesses and entrepreneurs with a workspace to foster creativity, critical thinking, and new ideas. Additionally, it will allow for an expansion of the existing Douglas County Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship program.
Financial Disclosure Letter