Election Security & Voting Rights

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of American democracy, giving voice to voters in the political process and ensuring that the diversity of America is represented in Washington.  When our elections are under attack, when the rights of Americans citizens to vote is questioned, and when access to the polls is denied, Congress must act to restore faith in our democratic processes. 


I was proud to work with my Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass H.R. 1, the For the People Act, a comprehensive election security and reform package that represents a major step forward in increasing election transparency and accountability and rooting out corruption.  By ensuring that elections are clean and Americans are free to exercise their right to vote, by reforming our campaign finance system, and by demanding accountability from our elected officials, the For the People Act takes needed action to restore our democracy for the American people.  


I believe that everyone regardless of class, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation has the constitutional right to vote without any infringements, and I am dedicated to protecting this constitutional right for all Americans, including constituents of Georgia’s 13th Congressional District.  Since the Voting Rights Act was first signed into law in 1965, it has been incumbent upon Congress to protect these critical rights. I am a proud cosponsor of H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act to restore the voting rights protections that were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013. 


Foreign intrusion in the 2016 presidential election has only underscored the need for a continued effort to protect and safeguard the American electoral system.  Therefore, I am cosponsoring H.R. 1272, the Restoring Integrity to America’s Elections Act.  This bill seeks to reform the Federal Elections Commission, ensuring that the agency can work as efficiently as possible to secure our elections.  There can be no place for partisan gridlock when the health of American democracy is at stake. 


As technology and communications continue to evolve, we must recognize the threat that foreign actors pose when they use such means to target the American voting process.  To this end, I am pleased to be cosponsoring H.R. 2592, the Honest Ads Act and H.R. 2135, the Paid Ad Act.  The Honest Ads Act would seek to require strict disclosure rules for online advertising in order to prevent foreign entities from anonymously purchasing these ads and discreetly influencing our elections.  Additionally, the Paid AD Act would seek to entirely prohibit foreign nationals from purchasing broadcast, cable, or satellite communications that mention a candidate running for federal office.


American democracy continues to be the target of cybersecurity threats and hacking attempts.  As a Congressman from Georgia, I understand the impact that security concerns and eroded confidence in our federal election can have.  I believe we must take every step possible to ensure the integrity and security of our elections.  From improved voting systems and ballot designs to adequate funding for state-level security improvements, I am committed to ensuring that Congress take the critical steps necessary to strengthen our nation’s election infrastructure.