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Congressman David Scott Statement on Republican Bill to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act

Today, Congressman David Scott (GA-13) released the following statement on the Republican healthcare bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Since the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act, this country has seen tremendous strides in its overall health outcomes. Patients now have access to robust health insurance benefits and we have seen a substantial decrease in the number of citizens without insurance. 

"3.4 million children and 3.6 million patients with preexisting conditions gained coverage under ACA.  Parents can keep their children under 26 on their insurance plans. And insurers cannot place annual or lifetime limits on care. 

“However, last night the Republicans released a dangerous and damaging bill that threatens to undo those efforts. If signed into law, 21 million Americans currently covered by the Affordable Care Act stand to lose their coverage. And despite claims that the Republican ACA replacement would provide better coverage at a lower cost, the bill revealed yesterday would not fulfill either promise.  Instead, it would allow insurers to charge higher premiums, and would cut Medicaid, leaving low-income children, disabled individuals, and the elderly vulnerable. 

“In my district alone, the uninsured rate had dropped over 7 percent, and over 340,000 people have health insurance that covers preventative services, like cancer screenings and flu shots, without any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.  Hospitals, like Grady, that provide high quality medical care for everyone who walks through the door, benefit from the nearly one-third drop in uncompensated care. Georgia stands to lose $100 million worth of public health funding over the next five years. While the ACA is not perfect, we can’t go back.

"The Republican bill is nothing more than a tax break disguised as a healthcare plan. Georgians deserve better, and I will fight to defend the progress the Affordable Care Act has made."