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Congressman David Scott Statement on Passing of Kenneth Spearman

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Washington, March 29, 2017 | comments
Today Congressman David Scott released the following statement on the recent passing of Kenneth Spearman, the first black Chairman of the Board of the Farm Credit Administration:

“On last evening, we all received the unfortunate news of the passing of Mr. Kenneth Spearman, a man who came along at the right time, was in the right place, and was doing the right thing. The great philosopher Aristotle was once asked, “Aristotle what does it take to be a great man?” And Aristotle said, “In order to be a great man, you must first know thyself.” Well Ken Spearman, not only knew who he was, but he also knew whose he was, that he was truly a child of God. 

“And Ken Spearman became the absolute first African American chairman of the Farm Credit Administration. A history-making achievement of soaring magnitude, but that achievement did not come easy. Ken Spearman was truly a man of great prominence, great intelligence, who showed remarkable endurance over the various challenges in life, the various hardships. Life is not an easy road if you’re a high achiever. He had mountains and valleys, but he overcame whatever obstacles there were to let his light shine to become a world leader in agricultural financing, farming and credit. 

“And Ken and I became good friends, as he would often stop by the office whenever he was at the Capitol. I looked forward to our visits. He encouraged me in so many ways. He and I shared a very similar commitment in helping the beginning farmer. He was really dedicated to helping beginning farmers. He had a special interest in getting young people into farming, and especially young African Americans into farming. And he was a great source of encouragement to me, like two or three years ago when we began to enlist the help of our 1890s African American colleges, to get scholarships for youngsters to graduate and go into agri-business careers. He was a magnificent story teller. 

“And Ken Spearman’s name will forever be held in the highest esteem as a history-making pioneer in the world of agriculture, finance, and farm credit. And he was a fighter, strong, with unwavering courage, and yet, he was a humble man. He understood the meaning of implicit love, especially for his wife Maria, his children Michelle, Rochelle and Ken, and of course his untiring love for the United States of America, and his unparalleled love in the trust, and confidence in his almighty God.”
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