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Congressman David Scott Denounces Dangerous Republican Tax Reform Bill

Congressman David Scott (GA-13) delivered the following remarks on the House Floor in strong opposition to the Republican tax reform bill.


Click here to watch video of Congressman Scott’s remarks.

“Madam Speaker, I thank Ranking Member Neal. I appreciate this time. My heart is heavy tonight, and it is heavy because we are faced with the absolute, most dangerous, destructive, and deceitful tax reform bill in the history of this Congress.

Now, let me tell you why. On the other side, you have heard Member after Member on the other side get up and tell you: This is going to get a tax cut, we are going to give the wealthy a tax cut, we are going to give the corporations a tax cut.

But none of them have told you, or the American people, how they are going to pay for it. And the great tragedy is, the most deceitful thing about what my colleagues on the other side are doing to the American people is they are doing these tax cuts for the wealthy and for the corporations, on the backs of the poor and the middle class.

Let me tell you why. They won't tell you how they are paying for this tax cut --$1.5 trillion that they will cut from Medicaid, from Medicare.

Madam Speaker, Medicaid is for the children. There are literally millions of children on there. You heard one of my colleagues go down and speak. We are losing 20 veterans to suicide every single day. No mention of that. But yet they will cut the veterans program designed to help them to pay for this tax cut. There’s no mention of the student loan interest rate.

Young people across this country, you need to rise up. Seniors, we need to rise up. We need to rise up and stand and fight for this country.

Let our minds go back to 1773 in Boston at the harbor, when they threw the tea over to start the very foundation of our great democracy.  I ask the American people to stand up and help us defeat this dangerous bill.”