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Congressman David Scott Calls for Impeachment Inquiry After President’s Ukrainian Dealing

Today Congressman David Scott (GA-13) released the following statement:

“This Ukraine development weighs very heavily, and is very concerning to me. As such, I believe it is time now to open an inquiry for impeachment. We have got to get the facts. We need to know what was said on Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine and what information was provided by the whistleblower about the President’s dealing with Ukraine. And while a basic tenet in our democracy is that you are innocent until proven guilty, no one is above the law. So, it is time for us to open an impeachment inquiry so that we can make an intelligent and forthright decision on impeachment. There are national security implications to the President’s actions here.  But moreover, Congress must exercise its duties as a co-equal branch of government to preserve the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution.”