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Scott Votes to Invest $1.5 Trillion to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Today, Congressman David Scott (GA-13) voted to pass H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, bold legislation to invest more than $1.5 trillion in modern, sustainable infrastructure across the country.

“Today, I proudly joined my colleagues to pass the Moving Forward Act to give Georgia families and businesses the vital infrastructure investments they deserve,” Rep. Scott stated.  “As our nation continues to confront the public health crisis posed by the coronavirus, this legislation will provide our nation with the 21st century infrastructure critical to growing our economy and helping our communities prosper for decades to come. And with a historic number of Americans unemployed, the Moving Forward Act passed today is more than just a plan to fix America’s bridges, roads and schools – it’s an opportunity to create millions of jobs for working families.”

Among the many far-reaching provisions of the Moving Forward Act:

  • Rebuilds our highways, bridges, transit, rail, airports, ports and harbors by investing more than $500 billion to improve safety and reduce gridlock.
  • Invests in our children’s futures by helping safely reopen and rebuild schools with a $130 billion investment in school infrastructure targeted at high-poverty schools that do not meet health and safety standards.
  • Modernizes our energy infrastructure for a clean energy future by investing more than $70 billion to transform our electric grid and promote new renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Invests boldly in affordable housing by directing over $100 billion to reduce housing inequality.
  • Expands affordable high-speed Internet to underserved communities with a $100 billion investment that connects children to remote learning and closes broadband adoption and digital skills gaps.
  • Upgrades hospitals and health care infrastructure by investing $30 billion to increase capacity and strengthen care and help community health centers respond to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies.
  • Ensures all communities have clean water by investing tens of billions of dollars to remove dangerous contaminants from our drinking water and invests in new, safe wastewater infrastructure.

For more information on the Moving Forward Act, click here.