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What They’re Saying: University Presidents Urge Support for Push to Authorize Additional $100 Million in Permanent Funding for Student Scholarships at 1890 Land Grant HBCUs

This week, university presidents across the nation have urged Congressional support for a new bill led by Congressman David Scott (GA-13), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, to authorize $100 million in additional, permanent funding for student scholarships at 1890 Land Grant HBCUs.

The statements follow a full Committee hearing last month featuring all nineteen 1890 HBCU presidents urging Congress to extend the initial $80 million in temporary scholarship funding for the institutions allotted in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Some of the highlights of the statements of support:

FVSU is grateful for Chairman David Scott’s leadership and support for the 1890 Land Grant African American Colleges and Universities’ Student Scholarships Program. Ensuring this program is made permanent and has adequate funding will allow students from all walks of life to gain a quality education, provide a pipeline of talent for the agriculture industry and have an economic impact in communities across the country. We appreciate Chairman Scott and all the Members Congress who co-sponsored this very important legislation. We hope that many more Members will support the bill and that Congress considers and permanently enacts this program expeditiously.”

Dr. Paul Jones, President
Fort Valley State University

“As President of Florida A&M University, I am in full support of Chairman David Scott's proposed $100 million in additional, permanent funding for student scholarships at 1890 Land Grant HBCUs.   Chairman Scott, an alumnus of FAMU, clearly recognizes the education, research and human resource potential that will be unlocked by this investment in 1890 Land Grant HBCUs.  The return on this investment will be manifested by quantifiable impacts on America's agriculture and associated industries and will allow our students, faculty, and staff to develop sustainable solutions to food security, food safety and climate variability.”

Dr. Larry Robinson, President
Florida A&M University

"It was my honor, as President of Virginia State University and as Chair of the 1890 Council of President, to testify before the US House Agriculture Committee as a part of a hearing on ‘1890 Land Grant Institutions: Investing for Agricultural Resiliency, Equity, and Global Impact’. Today, I join with my fellow 1890 Presidents as we applaud Chairman Scott and key co-sponsors who heard our testimonies and introduced legislation that would make the 1890s Land Grant African American Colleges and Universities’ Student Scholarships Program permanent with a $100 million increase. These funds will allow 1890s Universities to recruit and retain the next generation of agriculture leaders, who will continue to keep our food supply chain safe, affordable and a positive contributor to our country's Gross Domestic Product growth." 

Makola M. Abdullah, Ph.D., President
Virginia State University

“Chairman Scott’s (GA-13) legislation to authorize $100 million in additional, permanent funding for student scholarships at 1890 Land Grant HBCUs is clear evidence that developing a highly educated, diverse workforce in a smaller, more connected world is critical to maintaining the primacy of America agriculture in the global marketplace.  Nowhere is this more compelling than at an 1890 Land grant HBCU.   I look forward to full support from our outstanding delegation for their full support.”

Tony Allen, Ph.D., President 
Delaware State University