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Rep. David Scott Urges President Biden to Accelerate Evacuation Process of American Allies and At-Risk Afghans Ahead of U.S. Troops Withdrawal From Afghanistan

U.S. Representative David Scott (GA-13), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, today urged President Biden to accelerate the evacuation process in Afghanistan for American allies and at-risk Afghans ahead of the August 31st deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from the country.

Chairman David Scott’s full statement is below.


“My staff and I have been working around the clock to help alleviate the suffering of our vulnerable Afghan allies. We were able to get this family out of Afghanistan after days of hard work and coordination.

“I am deeply disheartened that despite widespread international concerns that we cannot evacuate everyone who is eligible and at risk in time, President Biden has decided to adhere to the August 31st deadline. I am calling on President Biden to radically accelerate the evacuation process; abandoning our allies is not an option.

“These families trusted us, let's honor that promise."