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ICYMI: In Local, National Outlets, US. Rep. David Scott Praises Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Touts Immediate Impact of the Bill for the American People

Over the weekend, local and national outlets, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution and CNN Newsroom, featured Congressman David Scott (GA-13) in their reporting on the once-in-a-generation bipartisan infrastructure deal passed out of the House of Representatives and signed into law by President Joe Biden.

On Saturday, Congressman David Scott spoke with Fredericka Wilson on CNN praising the contributions of progressive Democrats to the negotiations and the immediate relief new jobs and historic investments in rural broadband will bring to communities across the country. Later, AJC Washington correspondent Tia Mitchell outlined the outsized impact the historic $1.5 trillion bill would have on infrastructure in Georgia communities.


Watch Congressman David Scott discuss the infrastructure deal negotiations and the immediate impact it will have on Georgians


“Americans will see immediate relief [with new] jobs [and] $68 billion to finally get broadband to our rural communities. What a great moment for a great President. It’s a big thing, and I am proud to be here to help President Joe Biden with this great victory.”

AJC: Georgia Democrats applaud House passage of infrastructure bill Republicans opposed
Tia Mitchell
November 6, 2021

Key excerpts below. Read the full story here

  • The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk after a bipartisan U.S. House vote late Friday.
  • Thirteen Republicans voted yes with Democrats, and six Democrats voted no with Republicans for a final tally of 228-206. The Georgia delegation split strictly along party lines.
  • Democrats celebrated House passage of the bill that includes money for improving roads, bridges and public transit.
  • “For too long, Congress has failed to act boldly when it comes to our infrastructure, leaving our country with congested roads, failing sewer systems, lead in our pipes, unsafe bridges, unreliable broadband and slow-moving trains,” U.S. Rep. David Scott, a Democrat from Atlanta, said in a statement.
  • Expect Democrats in Georgia to take a victory lap in the coming days with public events across the state during a weeklong recess from Washington. Biden started his with remarks Saturday morning from the White House. “Finally, infrastructure week,” he said with a laugh.
  • “We did something that’s long overdue,” Biden said Saturday. “That long has been talked about in Washington, but never actually been done.”
  • The money will be spent over a five-year window.