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Congressman David Scott’s Protecting Veterans’ Anesthesia Care Amendment Passes in Funding Deal

Congressman David Scott (GA-13), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, and Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) today applauded the passage of their amendment ensuring the Department of Veterans’ Affairs continues to provide safe, experienced, and high-quality anesthesia care for our Nation’s veterans.

This amendment will pave the way for Congressman David Scott's previously introduced Protect Lifesaving Anesthesia Care for Veterans Act. The amendment was adopted by the House of Representatives as part of a broader package of fiscal year 2023 spending bills earlier today.

Congressman Scott's bipartisan legislation ensures that veterans undergoing medical procedures requiring anesthesia care will continue to receive the most qualified and experienced care available by VA physicians. The legislation would further prohibit the removal or replacement of expert physician anesthesiologists at the VA.

“I have long fought to ensure that our nation’s veterans, many of whom suffer from serious underlying health conditions, receive the most experienced and qualified anesthesia care available,” said Congressman David Scott.  “The broad bipartisan support for this amendment sends a clear message—the House of Representatives stands with our veterans in demanding the highest quality health care available and we must pass legislation that reflects that."

“As the representative of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, providing the highest quality medical care to our service members and veterans is a top priority of mine,” said Congressman Turner. “Our bipartisan bill directs the VA to continue its current process of providing anesthesia care rather than experimenting with new models of delivery.”