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Representative Scott Announces $250 Recovery Payments for Social Security, SSI, VA, and Railroad Retirement Board Beneficiaries in May

Representative David Scott announces that the federal government will begin sending one-time $250 economic recovery payments in May 2009 to people receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits. The economic recovery payments are funded by President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and provide a one-time payment to adult beneficiaries, except those receiving Medicaid in care facilities.

To receive the payment, individuals must have been eligible for these benefits during the months of November 2008, December 2008 or January 2009. There is no action required to get the payment, which will be sent separately from the person’s regular monthly payment. Additionally, if someone receives Social Security and SSI, VA or RRB benefits, he or she will receive only one $250 payment. Individuals should not contact the agencies unless a payment is not received by June 4, 2009.

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