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Congressman Scott Asks to Fund the VA and Open the Government

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Washington, October 3, 2013 | comments
Yesterday afternoon, Congressman Scott spoke from the House floor and asked the Republican leadership to open the government and fund the entire VA budget.  The Republican leadership has refused several times to allow an up or down vote on a clean budget to open the government.


Mr. BISHOP of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, at this time I yield 1 minute to the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Scott).

Mr. DAVID SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, the Republican Party is a party with such a rich legacy. It's the party of Abraham Lincoln, who saved this country; it's the party of Dwight David Eisenhower, who put the expressway and the interstate system together; it's the party of Everett Dirksen, and without him we wouldn't have the Civil Rights Act; it's the party of Ronald Reagan, who sat down with Tip O'Neill and put the great tax cut in that helped the economy; and it's the party of George Bush, who gave us Medicare part D.

I bring these things out because I believe if all of these gentlemen were here--each one of them--they would say to you, Please, let's cut this out. Let your leader, Mr. Boehner, bring a clear, clean CR for just 6 weeks. That's all we're asking.

This is what that leadership would be. This is what Mr. Boehner wanted to do. John Boehner is a decent man. That's what he wanted to do.

I urge you to do what is right. Honor the rich legacy of your party. If you want to honor the veterans who gave their lives to fight for us, they would say, Don't use us for a pawn here.

Open it all up for all America.


VETERANS BENEFITS CONTINUING APPROPRIATIONS RESOLUTION, 2014 -- (House of Representatives - October 03, 2013)
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