FOX 5 Atlanta: Georgia lawmaker introduces bill to assist homeowners impacted by the coronavirus

By Brian Hill

Published March 24, 2020


ATLANTA - Business has been slowing down lately for Bri and Nick Roxas. The couple told us they work in the funeral industry.

“We have switched our appointments over to being virtual,” Bri Roxas explained. “We are meeting people over Skype and stuff like that but even with that we’re still having a lot of cancellations and we’re both commissions only.”

The cancellations are due to the spread of COVID-19. To help ease the burden of homeowners like the Roxas’.

"We want to keep people in their homes. That is very critical," said Representative David Scott, of Georgia’s 13th District, who just introduced the State Housing Relief Act.

The bill would help provide mortgage payment assistance to homeowners impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It sets up a safety net for folks who need help in paying their mortgages but yet it keeps the money flowing within the heart our economic system which are the banks,” the Congressman explained.