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ICYMI: Republican Attacks on SNAP Endanger America's Children and Veterans

House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott aimed at extreme Republican proposals to undermine SNAP benefits for food-insecure Americans in an op-ed published this morning by The Hill. 

"Despite its track record of reducing hunger, creating jobs, and having a positive economic impact on the communities where SNAP is used, a chorus of partisan voices is calling for aggressive cuts to the program," he wrote.

Ranking Member Scott also delivered a stark warning to extreme House Republicans, reminding them of previous failed attempts to slash benefits for America's seniors, children, veterans, and others in need, writing, "When Republicans went too far in cutting nutrition programs during the 2018 farm bill process, we stood united in opposition and the bill failed on the House floor. The final 2018 farm bill rejected cuts to the program and the expansion of already strict work requirements. Let me be clear: Democrats will roundly reject such efforts again."

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