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Congressman Scott Votes to Improve Government Efficiency

Congressman Scott voted this week for the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement Act of 2010.  This measure will help Congress conduct more effective oversight, make better-informed authorization and appropriation decisions, identify and eliminate duplicative programs, and help improve the performance of federal programs.

The American taxpayer deserves a government that is transparent, efficient and accountable,” Congressman Scott said.  “I cosponsored this important bill to provide transparent data about the performance and efficiency of federal agencies.  In this era of tight budgets, we should ensure that every dollar spent is used wisely.”

H.R. 2142 will improve the federal government performance management, and increase the availability and transparency of performance information by:

 Cross-Cutting Agency Goal Setting: In conjunction with OMB, agencies must identify and set cross cutting, outcome based goals to ensure that government pursues objectives that have direct value to the American people.

 Performance Assessments:  Federal agency heads must determine progress in meeting established goals and the effectiveness of agency management.

 Quarterly Assessment Reports and Agency Progress with critical information on federal program strengths and weaknesses.

 Agency Performance Improvement Officers and a Performance Improvement Council to supervise the performance management activities of agencies and assist in the development of performance standards

 GAO Oversight – GAO will evaluate whether selected goals are tied to real outcomes, whether agencies are efficiently spending taxpayer dollars and will provide recommendations for improvement.

H.R. 2142 passed the House and is now awaiting action in the Senate. In addition, Congressman Scott previously voted for two bills to save an estimated $125 billion in wasteful spending.