April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

As the month of April comes to an end, let us never forget the importance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Every 98 seconds, another American falls victim to a sexual assault, yet many perpetrators walk free.

It is imperative that we protect survivors while also finding ways to prevent these despicable attacks from happening in the future. We celebrate SAAM to show that we, like many others, will speak out against sexual assault and continue to do the work to fight such devastating crimes. 

In Congress I have been a longtime supporter of the Violence Against Women Act and continue to work to ensure adequate funding for programs that are successful in supporting survivors and preventing assaults. 

Additionally, I have signed on to legislation such as the Pet and Women Safety Act to protect those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence who might delay their departure from dangerous relationships out of concern for the fate of their pet. Earlier this month, I signed on to a letter to request funding for the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative to combat the high numbers of sexual assault kits not being tested. 

This April, I am reaffirming my commitment to be an advocate of sexual assault awareness and prevention as I continue to serve the constituents of Georgia’s 13th Congressional District.