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Congressman David Scott Presses Governor Kemp to Take Immediate Action on “Ghost Guns”

WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman David Scott (GA-13), Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee, sent a letter urging Governor Brian Kemp to take executive action to curb the production and possession of un-serialized and untraceable weapons commonly known as “ghost guns.”

“Our communities are facing a scourge of violence because of homemade weapons that can be purchased and manufactured using the internet,” said Congressman David Scott. “Georgia’s lack of state statutes against these guns has caused them to permeate the streets, wreaking havoc in our communities. That is why I am calling on Governor Kemp to uphold his responsibility as our state’s chief law enforcement officer and use his authority to regulate ‘ghost guns’ and save lives.” 

Ghost guns are often purchased online through pre-made gun kits complete with instructions. Once assembled, these firearms do not contain serial numbers, making them untraceable and especially dangerous in the hands of criminal actors. Also of concern is 3-D printed gun parts which can increase the fire rate and lethality of previously unmodified weapons. The accessibility and untraceable nature of ghost guns is highly concerning, as they remove barriers for individuals who would otherwise be denied access to firearms.

The letter has been endorsed by BlackPush, an Atlanta-based advocacy group dedicated to preventing gun violence and ending social injustice. "With the rocketing rates of gun violence facing our nation, we must do more to limit access to guns by those seeking to do harm,” said BlackPush President and Founder Shaun Smith. “In Georgia, recent tragedies have underscored the negative impact that guns can have on our society and our communities while shattering the lives of those impacted. We echo Congressman Scott’s call to regulate ‘ghost guns’ and we further call on the State of Georgia to look at passing red flag laws, expanding background checks, and investing in mental health treatment."

The text of the letter can be found HERE.