Securing the Border

Congressman Scott recently voted for H.R. 6080, which provides needed security for the US-Mexico border.  The new law will:

  • Help hire 1,000 new Border Patrol agents to permanently patrol our southern border and 250 new Customs and Border Protection agents for our ports of entry.  It will also create a “strike force” that will be deployed in different areas of the Southwest border depending on where the need is greatest at any particular moment.


  • Provides funds to deploy unmanned drones to fly along our southern border and provide our patrol officers on the ground with real-time information on unlawful border crossings.


  • Provides funds to improve communications capabilities between federal border enforcement and state and local officers along the border.


  • Provides funds to construct forward operating bases for the Border Patrol to use that are actually located on the border rather than hundreds of miles away.


  • Provides funds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to conduct investigations of drug-runners, money-launderers, and human traffickers along our border.


  • Increases the number of ATF, DEA, and FBI agents and bolsters the number of prosecutors and court resources along our border.