Honoring Palmetto Police Sgt. Lee Gragg

Today Rep. David Scott (GA-13) honoredĀ Sgt. Lee Gragg's brave actions while conducting a recent traffic stop. Scott's remarks appear below:

"Madam Speaker, it is with great pride and honor that I rise to share with you the inspiring story of one of my constituents. Sergeant Lee Gragg is a police officer in the Palmetto Police Department, and last September, he was injured in the line of duty.

On Sunday, September 12th 2009 at 10 o'clock at night, Sgt. Gragg and his team were conducting a routine road safety check. An uncooperative driver was discovered to have a suspended license and an arrest warrant. Recognizing that the suspect was reaching for something on the floor of the car, Sgt. Gragg feared for the safety of his team and grabbed the driver's arm.

When the driver attempted to escape, Sgt. Gragg was dragged alongside the vehicle. After the driver lost control of the car, he was thrown 20 feet into the air. He was flown to Grady Hospital, where he was treated in the intensive care unit for 5 weeks. Today, I join his wife Michele Gragg in thanking God for his survival.

I was astounded to hear that a mere four months after this incident, Sgt. Gragg returned to work. Despite losing vision in one eye, suffering severe nerve damage, and undergoing more than 10 surgeries, he maintains a positive attitude. He teaches children about safety and is dedicated to community outreach. He is ever eager and determined to return to active duty. Sergeant Lee Gragg is an honorable man--a hero to his fellow police officers and a role model to his community. Madam Speaker, distinguished colleagues, please join me in honoring this great public servant."